Do I Need Solicitors?

Do I need Solicitors to exercise the right to manage?
A right to manage application can sometimes be complex and depending on your circumstances. Experienced right to manage solicitors will have an in-depth knowledge of the law and will ensure not only that you are eligible for the right to manage, but that you also follow the correct procedures. Although you may feel like you know the law surrounding the legal right to manage, solicitors as professionals are under a duty to remain up to date with recent developments in the law. Therefore if the law has recently changed or been slightly altered your solicitor will be fully aware of these changes.

As well as this, you will need specialist legal advice when setting up a right to manage company – which will also involve the drafting of legal documents.

Your landlord will most likely instruct a solicitor when he/she receives notice your wish to exercise your rights to manage. Therefore it is beneficial for you to be adequately represented when making your application. Not only this, but if your landlord wishes to negotiate upon the agreement your solicitor will be able to negotiate legal terms which are most favourable to you.

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